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Crazy S#!% in Construction Contracts

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It’s springtime in the construction industry, my friends.  Banks are lending again, optimism has returned and the private, non-residential sector is heating up.  Good news all.

But before you mobilize the yellow steel to your next jobsite, the deal’s gotta get done.  And so ’tis the season of contract negotiation — which, if you’re not careful, could lead to the season of your discontent.  That’s because some crazy stuff might be lurking in the document the party above you in the contractual chain wants you to sign.

Just ask Birmingham, Alabama construction attorney Burns Logan, the inspiration behind this post and its cheeky title:

There’s only one way to suss out the crazy in your construction contracts, and that’s by carefully reviewing them, as Sage Construction reminded us this week:

One of the three reasons cited in the linked blog post is “owners are pushing risk to GC’s.”

Tell me about it!

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But Is It ADA-Compliant?

Sorry for the prolonged absence during an inordinately busy time — two arbitrations in the last month.  My upcoming schedule is far less robust, so I plan on getting back into the blogging swing full-force in the days and weeks ahead.

Before delving back into more heady fare, I thought I would feature this incredible design for a nature reserve observation tower in the Netherlands.   Designed by architects from UNStudio in Amsterdam, the project is no doubt visually stunning, and will arguably represent a significant engineering achievement — assuming, of course, that the “Ultra High Performance Concrete” at the heart of the design works.  Otherwise, and for the sake of the general contractor who ultimately builds the tower, I hope Dutch law recognizes a Spearin-doctrine equivalent!

Image: UNStudio. Click image for full gallery and project description by UNStudio.

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