But Is It ADA-Compliant?

Sorry for the prolonged absence during an inordinately busy time — two arbitrations in the last month.  My upcoming schedule is far less robust, so I plan on getting back into the blogging swing full-force in the days and weeks ahead.

Before delving back into more heady fare, I thought I would feature this incredible design for a nature reserve observation tower in the Netherlands.   Designed by architects from UNStudio in Amsterdam, the project is no doubt visually stunning, and will arguably represent a significant engineering achievement — assuming, of course, that the “Ultra High Performance Concrete” at the heart of the design works.  Otherwise, and for the sake of the general contractor who ultimately builds the tower, I hope Dutch law recognizes a Spearin-doctrine equivalent!

Image: UNStudio. Click image for full gallery and project description by UNStudio.

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