N.C. Construction Law, Policy & News exists for general informational purposes only.  The contents of this blog neither constitute legal advice nor create an attorney-client relationship between the blog’s author and his readers.   Statements made by the author in this blog are made solely by the author, and may not be attributable to his employer, Poyner Spruill, LLP.  Likewise, any opinions expressed in this blog are the opinions of the author (or of his guest bloggers / commentators) and not those of Poyner Spruill, LLP or any of its other attorneys.

If you are involved in a specific construction claim, dispute or other matter, you should not rely on the contents of this blog in resolving your issue or case.  Every situation is unique, and a favorable outcome to your construction-related matter may depend significantly on the unique facts of your case.  If you are in need of legal advice with respect to your unique situation, you should consult with an attorney licensed to practice law in the jurisdiction in which your matter is pending.

All material contained in this blog copyright 2011-2019.

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