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“Who Are You?” To Preserve Lien Rights Against Owners, Get the Right Answer to that Question!

Image courtesy Sam Killermann / samuelkillermann.com. Lyrics from “Who Are You” by P. Townshend (c) 1978.

I’m psyched to present another guest blogger this week: Lewis & Roberts construction & surety law associate extraordinaire, Jessica Bowers.  It’s been my distinct pleasure to work with Jessica since she joined L&R in October 2010.  Jess has represented owners, developers, GC’s and subs, and her practice has seen an increasing emphasis on serving the needs of surety companies.  A member of the State bar since 2005, Jess was a recipient of the bar’s Pro Bono Public Service Award that year.  

If you’re like me, you might find yourself softly singing the catchy chorus from the Who’s “Who Are You” as you consider the North Carolina Court of Appeals’ June 5, 2012 decision in Young & McQueen Grading Company, Inc. v. Mar-Comm & Assocs., Inc. et al.

The case involved a good deal of confusion regarding the correct identity of the owner of a construction project, confusion that complicated the contractor’s assertion of its mechanic’s lien rights against the owner’s property.

Rest easy, the contractor ended up prevailing and holding on to its lien rights.  But it sure wasn’t easy!  The decision reminds us how critical it is at the beginning of a project to determine the correct identity of the owner of the improvement by obtaining an accurate answer to one simple question:

Who are you?

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