Construction Tweets of the Week for the Week Ending Friday, October 25, 2013

1.  Scott Wolfe of tweeted about the pros and cons of filing a claim of lien on real property in advance of a construction mediation.  The linked blog post notes that while a claim of lien might enhance the claimant’s negotiation leverage, it might simultaneously generate adversarial tension up the chain, which in turn could make a mediated resolution more difficult to achieve.

It’s an interesting strategic question, particularly now that N.C. Gen. Stat. § 44A-23(d) expressly gives subs and suppliers the option to file their lien claims within 120 days of the prime contractor’s date of last furnishing, as opposed to their own date of last furnishing.  More than ever, timing is everything.   

2.  Engineering News-Record tweeted and blogged about the keys to effective construction scheduling, arguing that sound theory and logic — and not software — provide the proper foundation.

3.  Public Spend Forum is wondering whether uncertainty surrounding the federal budget, as well as the potential for another shutdown, might lead some contractors to abandon government contracting altogether.

4.  Build Your Future linked to a thought-provoking, high-production-value video encouraging those with influence over our high school students — i.e., parents, teachers, guidance counselors, etc. — to rethink careers in construction.  It’s an important message as we enter an era of labor shortage in the craft trades.

5.  And for your weekly dose of humor, construction consultant (and all-around-good-guy) Jason Ulmenstine ponders the eternal question: Why NOT build the Death Star?

Happy Friday!

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