Celebrate Great Blogs, Come On!

ConstructionMarketingIdeasBlogIt was an honor and a surprise to receive an email from Bob Kruhm, publisher of NC Construction News, earlier this week informing me that he had nominated this blog for the “2013 Best Construction Blog Competition” sponsored by the Construction Marketing Ideas blog.  Voting begins today and continues through April 1.

At the risk — no, the certainty — of sounding cliché, it’s an honor just to be nominated.  Seriously.  Have you visited the other nominees recently?  There’s just an incredible variety and depth of knowledge being shared out there.  This blog has been going strong for about a year now, but in all candor, I still consider myself one of the new kids on the A/E/C social media block.

So while I am in Bob Kruhm’s debt, and would be enormously grateful to receive your vote, I don’t feel comfortable asking for it.  Not yet, with my relatively limited track record.  Instead, I’d like to ask you for something else: your engagement in this great, growing, vibrant community.  I’d like you to treat this competition as I’ll be treating it: as a celebration of the knowledge, experience and dedication A/E/C professionals across the country are sharing day-in, day-out for the benefit of the larger construction industry.  Please join me in taking the time over the next two months to explore each of the nominated blogs, and the blogs they link to.  Consider subscribing to them, by e-mail or RSS feed.  Comment on them frequently (and respectfully).  Engage with the authors on Twitter and elsewhere.  Benefit from the acquired wisdom of others, and share your own.

Finally, I’d ask that you let me know if there are topics you’d like to see covered here that would assist you and your organization travel your own unique critical paths.  As always, thank you for reading N.C. Construction Law, Policy & News.


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7 responses to “Celebrate Great Blogs, Come On!

  1. Bouchard, Glenn (OCD)

    Nice recognition. ________________________________

  2. Kenneth Bouchard

    Do we get a vote on 3 Arnold Rd…??? CONGRATS….!!!!



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  4. Congrats that sounds pretty cool.

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