Great Judicial Quote About Major Construction Projects

Gotta share this quote I recently read from a 1981 decision of the D.C. Court of Appeals that colorfully captures the complexities and chaos of a major construction project:

[E]xcept in the middle of a battlefield, nowhere must men coordinate the movement of other men and all materials in the midst of such chaos and with such limited certainty of present facts and future occurrences as in a huge construction project …  Even the most painstaking planning frequently turns out to be mere conjecture, and accommodation to changes must necessarily be of the rough, quick and ad hoc sort, analogous to ever-changing commands on the battlefield.

Blake Const. Co., Inc. v. C. J. Coakley Co., Inc., 431 A.2d 569, 675 (D.C. 1981).  So construction is like a battlefield, and war is hell.  Might I suggest having a good lawyer fighting on your side?!

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