No End In Sight: Managing Latent Defect Exposure in a Post-Jacobs Engineering World

Virginia construction attorney Chris Hill

Last week, I reported that the U.S. Supreme Court had refused to hear the Jacobs Engineering Group, Inc. v. State of Minnesota case, which arises from a decision of the Minnesota Supreme Court allowing that state’s legislature to retroactively revive long-expired latent defect liability.

This week, I provide a summary of the Minnesota Supreme Court’s decision and prognosticate about its consequences over at Chris Hill’s excellent blog, “Construction Law Musings.”  You can read my guest post on Chris’s site by clicking here.

Many thanks to Chris, a fellow Duke ’94 alum, for giving me the opportunity to guest blog at his place.  I’ll be back here with original content early next week.  Lots going on with mechanic’s lien law & policy to share…

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